Google Glass
B-Line Medical brings first-person point-of-view video recording to healthcare simulation with our innovative Google Glass application. You can now use Google Glass to deliver high definition video directly to SimCapture, the most trusted simulation management platform.
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Helping lifelong learners improve healthcare
Whether your healthcare institution looks to educate students, further professional training, or conduct quality improvement and reporting, B‑Line Medical can help. B‑Line Medical products are in use at over 300 top institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
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Nursing Curriculum
B-Line Medical has partnered with #1 ranked University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing to provide nursing education and hospital simulation programs access to robust and proven curriculum. The new nursing curriculum contains 12 unique scenarios that seamlessly integrate with SimCapture®.
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Capture, review, and assess procedures and events for simpler, more accurate reporting of quality measures and improved patient safety outcomes.
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B‑Line Medical's mission is to enhance medical simulation training and improve patient safety by providing the best tools for data capture, visualization, and analysis.

Effortless Debriefing
Best-in-class simulation center management and patient safety tools
Universal Video
Match the right center design, equipment, price and audiovisual vendor
Genuine Partnerships
Supporting the global healthcare advocates in our community
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