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Scalable Platform to Manage Simulated Healthcare Training
B-Line Medical, the first to bring web-based video capture and debriefing to the industry, has been continuously innovating to provide healthcare learners and trainers the most flexible and intuitive simulation management platform.

SimCapture is a reliable, scalable software solution that enhances simulation and standardized patient center operations and management. It allows for secure, high quality video capture with data integration, immediate debriefing and robust reporting. Installed in over 350 centers, with a client retention rate of 98%, SimCapture has been advancing simulation in healthcare for over 10 years.
With our ongoing research in the field of simulation, as well as our affiliations to organizations around the world, one of the many benefits of using the B-Line Medical system is that it allows us to securely disseminate recorded simulated cases to our users wherever they may be.  What makes B-Line Medical a cut above the rest is the people who work for them.  From the first day, B-Line Medical has been very attentive to our needs, their customer service is one of the best that I have had the pleasure to work with.
Anthony K. Dancel - Technical Director
Center for Medical Simulation
SimCapture has afforded us the ability to capture not only the simulation experience but the finite details needed to improve both human and system process. It's a helpful tool in improving clinical outcomes across the organization. We are pleased to have such a reliable system.
Amar P. Patel, MS. NREMT-P, CFC - Director
Center for Innovative Learning - WakeMed Health & Hospitals
The ability to record an encounter between learners and Standardized Patients and/ or Simulators has added flexibility to the review process. SimCapture has created a 360 degree learning and review method for both our Standardized Patients and learners.
Brandon Freeman - Coordinator
Clinical Skills Center, Greenville Hospital
Every day we have to facilitate different ways of recording and debriefing sessions. We can fully and easily meet all those different needs with one system: SimCapture. Over the last several years it has proven to be easy to use for all of our clients and very reliable in performance.
Camiel Elsinga - Technical Manager
Wenckebach Institute, University Medical Center Groningen
Solving User Needs
Exclusively Dedicated to Enhancing Patient Safety
and Improving Quality of Care
B-Line Medical has been focused on providing innovative solutions for the healthcare simulation and education community for over 10 years. We developed SimCapture to help our clients improve patient care. The platform automates the manual and time consuming processes involved with running, evaluating and reporting on simulated events, freeing up resources to focus efforts on developing learners and enhancing curriculum.
SimCapture answers an educator's needs by providing an easy-to-use simulation management platform that captures everything happening in one or multiple simulation or OSCE rooms with one click. Educators can debrief, annotate, assess and generate reports on an individual learner or an entire class anywhere and anytime.
SimCapture is easy to install, integrates with all types of simulators, and streamlines operations. Our highly trained implementation specialists work closely with you to leverage existing IT infrastructure and configure the network for optimal and secure access. SimCapture requires no local installation on end-users' computers, is remotely monitored for general health, and software updates can be pushed automatically.
SimCapture automatically tracks usage by department, faculty, participants and external organization. Reports and statistics can be generated at anytime, locally or remotely, by any system administrator, providing deans and executives a thorough understanding of your center’s throughput, outcome trends, utilization, and ROI.
The SimCapture platform is 100% web-based and engineered to be IT and network friendly. SimCapture was built from the ground up to provide a powerful tool that can be securely accessible from anywhere and on any device. This level of flexibility and versatility is unmatched in the medical simulation industry.
Video Capture & Distribution
  • Browser-based and network accessible
  • Record and stream video and medical device data
  • Live and post scenario review from anywhere
  • Automated video capture and management
  • HD video and audio linked to participants
  • Pre-defined and free text annotations
Curriculum & User Management
  • Manage and administer instructional content
  • Web-based and collaborative evaluation builder
  • Automated user portfolio assembly and tracking
  • Create, filter, re-calculate and release reports
  • Scheduling, self-enrollment and notifications
Operations Management
  • Streamline the setup and management of OSCEs
  • Automate large-scale simulation events from a single dashboard
  • Center asset management and conflict notifications
  • Outlook and Google Calendar integration
  • Advanced search and data mining capabilities
SimCapture accepts the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry, and can accommodate your needs at any stage of your center's development. We provide numerous fixed and portable recording options and all integrate with our powerful simulation management software. B-Line Medical will continue to expand SimCapture's portfolio to incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies.

With many different recording options to choose from, you are free to mix and match to create a solution tailored to your institution's needs. Whether you want to use existing audiovisual infrastructure or the latest HD or IP cameras, our experienced team will review your physical and budgetary resources, and advise you on what would be best for your current and future objectives .
SimCapture Ultraportable
Record and Review from Anywhere
SimCapture Ultraportable is a compact, all-inclusive audiovisual solution built on SimCapture's robust platform. It is an affordable, flexible system that comes with everything you need. You can set up in minutes and it allows you to record in-situ simulations and debrief from anywhere, at any time.
  • Setup and record in less than 5 minutes
  • No AV infrastructure required
  • HD audio with 4 integrated mics
  • 2 HD Cameras
  • 1 DVI/HD source (patient monitor/ultrasound/da Vinci)
  • Weighs less than 20lbs
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