A circle of safety to improve your hospital's patient safety. outcomes. ROI.

B-Line Medical is committed to enhancing patient safety and improving the quality of healthcare through the use of video capture, debriefing, and safety checklists. Hospitals that implement B-Line Medical's SimCapture and LiveCapture platform create a circle of patient safety that encompasses simulation labs, in-situ simulations, and in-vivo events using the same tools to deliver consistent and data-driven feedback that directly and immediately impact a hospital's bottom line. As of 2018, 70% of the U.S. News & World Report Top Hospitals are SimCapture and LiveCapture users.

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Tested and proven

With clients at numerous top hospitals in a variety of departments, SimCapture and LiveCapture have a proven track record of advancing quality improvement initiatives and achieving rapid ROI.

Stream or debrief anywhere

Recorded simulation, in-situ, or in-vivo events can be securely debriefed or streamed to any authenticated device anywhere in the hospital, during or after they take place.

Ready to use checklists

Pre-built safety checklists and annotations come pre-loaded onto SimCapture and LiveCapture. Customizations or additional checklists and annotations can be implemented at any time.

Auto recording and deletion

Auto-recording and deletion options allow for hands- and worry-free video management. Your hospital can instead focus on the benefits of debriefing and auditing.

Immediate ROI

SimCapture and LiveCapture usage reduces adverse events readmission rates and root cause analysis time, while enhancing compliance and reimbursement rates, ultimately resulting in immediate ROI.

Built-in control chart tracking

Simply complete checklists for a percentage of events to generate control charts that track adherence rates and identify improvements that dramatically impact a hospital's bottom line.