Video-driven improvement for all types of education and training

SimCapture offers portable and affordable product packages that are ideal for all types of learning environments outside of medicine. Dental, veterinary, counseling, legal and law enforcement training programs can all benefit from powerful recording, debriefing, and assessment tools to enhance their curriculum and competency testing. SimCapture may be used in professional services environment as well for sales training and human resource management.

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Multi-Channel Video Capture

The widest range of camera support in the industry. Web, analog, IP, SDI, HDMI cameras are all supported and can be mixed and matched.

Curriculum Management

Manage and administer instructional content in a collaborative environment. Event scheduling, enrollment and notifications may be added to SimCapture's robust core set of features.

Video Distribution

Network and cloud-based video distribution allows for simulcasting, or post playback from virtually anywhere - and on any desktop or mobile device.

User Portfolios

Assemble user portfolios automatically while tracking performance and progress. The comprehensive record of all recorded activities for each user is filterable and searchable.

Performance Assessment

Customizable checklists and extensive reporting tools that seamlessly integrate with video are ideal for any type of assessment and progress tracking.

Enterprise-Level Security

LDAP integration and customizable roles, permissions and department structuring allow for true enterprise-level use. Data is kept safe and properly separated.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Sales Training

AstraZeneca selected SimCapture to enhance and standardize its global sales training program

Being able to capture multiple angles of interaction with mock doctors including their sales representative's interaction with iPad sales tools provides AstraZeneca with a unique ability to capture, debrief and assess performance and process adherence. Simultaneously, sales representatives become more effective sellers and can rapidly improve during the debriefing process.

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Three SimCapture Tiers


  • Recording and Debriefing
  • User Portfolios
  • Pre-defined Annotations
  • Customizable Security


  • Enterprise Feature Set +
  • Multi-room Control
  • Multi-building Control
  • OSCE Management

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