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Manage, operate, track and report on every aspect of your simulation center with the #1 rated SimCapture. The choice of over 500 healthcare institutions in 35 countries, SimCapture simultaneously simplifies and enhances your program's activities. Thanks to our user-friendly interfaces, numerous automated processes, and industry-best reliability, SimCapture is the obvious solution for your simulation center.

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•  Capture and stream multiple angles of synced video
•  Capture simulator data and real medical devices
•  Annotate, debrief and assess
•  Secure, cloud-based storage and playback
•  Control access by role, department and organizations
•  Scheduling, self-enrollment, and center sign-in
•  Seamlessly integrated checklist and EMR builder
•  Large-scale and automated OSCE workflows
•  In-depth and customizable reporting
•  Flexible design and installation options

Why SimCapture?

SimCapture is the choice of 80% of U.S. News & World Report's top medical schools, hospitals and nursing programs. View this short tutorial video to learn why every healthcare simulation education program can benefit from SimCapture.

Three SimCapture Tiers

SimCapture Pro

SimCapture Pro - New

Ideal for simulation programs balancing function and cost. Pro is fully cloud-based with a remarkably small onsite audiovisual footprint.

  • Synchronized capture of multiple camera angles
  • Simulator data capture and visualization
  • Medical device capture (EKG, Ultrasound, EMR)
  • Learner and faculty tracking and portfolios
  • Video annotation and session self reflection
  • Debrief from anywhere using just a browser
  • Learner, faculty and facility usage reports
  • Customizable scenarios, roles and permissions
  • Flexible and scalable - one room or many
  • Secure, mobile-friendly and cloud-based
  • Best-in-class training and 24/7 Support
  • Vue Interface™: Available now
  • Pricing options: Subscription
  • Seamless upgrade path to Enterprise
SimCapture Enterprise

SimCapture Enterprise

Ideal for larger, high-traffic simulation centers with curriculum that need to efficiently manage, track and report on departments, learners and events.

  • All PRO features and
  • Checklist builder and custom assessments*
  • Fully customizable and integrated EMR
  • Courses and curriculum tracking
  • Robust and customizable assessment reports
  • Scheduling, self enrollment and center sign-in
  • Resources and inventory management
  • Vue Interface™: Available Q4 '18
  • Pricing options: Subscription or Perpetual
  • Seamless upgrade path to Enterprise Plus

*Replaces self reflection

SimCapture Pro

SimCapture Enterprise Plus

Ideal for standardized patient programs and inter-disciplinary activities utilizing OSCEs that require large-scale work-flow automation.

  • All ENT features and
  • OSCE exam flow automation
  • Create multi-stage customizable exam flows
  • Automated announcements and room actions
  • Record dozens of rooms at once
  • Manage multiple exam areas simultaneously
  • Vue Interface™: Available Q2 '19
  • Pricing options: Subscription or Perpetual

SimCapture Pro is a game changing new product
from B-Line Medical

If you're a smaller simulation center or constricted by budget, SimCapture Pro is the ideal way to access and leverage a proven video-driven improvement platform. Click below to visit the SimCapture Pro microsite: 

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SimCapture Pro

SimCapture form factors

SimCapture accepts inputs from virtually any medical device and supports the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry. This level of flexibility allows for extensive capture combinations of camera angles, scopes, patient monitors, ultrasounds, EMRs and more. In addition, capture can be temporary and portable or permanent and installed depending upon your simulation center’s needs.


Remarkably compact (4.5"x4.5") and scalable four input SimCapture unit that can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere.

SimCapture Pro SimCapture Pro


Comprehensive and portable 3 input capture system (laptop, cameras, mounts, and cable adapters included) in a compact and lightweight briefcase.

SimCapture Pro SimCapture Pro

Rack servers

Highly reliable four to six input single rack unit server that offers comprehensive, IP-based or true HD SDI capture of any simulation event or OSCE.

SimCapture Pro SimCapture Pro

Why SimCapture is an easy choice over other vendors



B-Line Medical is consistently rated the market leader in quality in independent surveys. 9 of the top 10 2018 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Medical schools and 9 of the top 10 Best Hospitals have chosen B-Line Medical.

SimCapture Pro


Competitors often create new product names and tweak old interfaces to disguise shortcomings. We’re continually iterating and improving on SimCapture. We’re #1 in quality due to a purposeful and steady approach to product development.

SimCapture Pro

Future proof

Unlike our competition, SimCapture’s entire product line is a unified platform that allows for seamless upgrades with no changes to hardware. In addition, we’re moving our proven platform to the cloud in logical stages.

SimCapture Pro

Learn From Client Success Stories

More than 500 institutions world-wide are using our SimCapture Platform in innovative and powerful ways to improve healthcare education.

Learn how hospitals, nursing schools, and medical schools are using SimCapture to improve the quality of simulation education and patient safety. Remote classroom streaming and debriefing, instructor videos, course surveys, automated event enrollment and tracking, and large scale automation of assessments and reporting are just a few of the inspiring stories that are covered in B-Line Medical's Client Success Story microsite.

Success Stories
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