95% In-situ Simulations

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Alpha Medical Concepts in Austria operates a relatively large simulation center — yet they have found that in-situ simulations offer them the broadest reach and biggest educational impact.

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Bringing simulation to the provider

Alpha Medical Concepts has found that bringing simulation to the provider improves reach and participation.

300 Simulations Annualy

SimCapature's durability, reliability and portability have been put to the test by Alpha Medical's ambitious training schedule.

Rapid and insightful debriefing

Video annotations allow for jumps to certain parts of the video to debrief with short sequences and to address specific subjects or questions.

"Train the trainer" workshops

Alpha Medical Concepts also uses SimCapture Ultraportale to capture their debriefings during their popular "Train the Trainer" workshops.

An AV Control Room in a Briefcase

SimCapture Ultraportable's multi-channel video capture sets up / breaks down in minutes and fits in a single 20-pound case.

In-situ Simulations Success Story

Alpha Medical Concepts

Alpha Medical Concepts in Austria is a training and consulting company that helps healthcare institutions to improve patient care. They operate one of the most active simulation training centers in all of Europe and combine high-fidelity simulation training with tailored consulting to provide institutions with the tools to foster successful healthcare providers who understand how to treat patients safely. As part of their simulation center coaching program, MedSimGroup, they offer trainings and consulting services for new and existing simulation centers globally.

They operate approximately 300 high-fidelity simulation trainings every year, 95% of which are in-situ simulations. To maximize the potential of these in-situ simulations, they use SimCapture Ultraportable for comprehensive capture of video and medical devices. They also use Gaumard simulators that are directly integrated with SimCapture as part of the in-situ simulations. After recording a scenario, they utilize video annotations to jump to certain parts of the video and debrief with short sequences at a time to address specific subjects or questions about a students’ performance.

They also utilize SimCapture Ultraportable for the MedSimGroup coaching program to record debriefings during the “Train the Trainer” workshops. They have found that the Ultraportable system has been consistent and has provided them with all the tools necessary to operate these trainings programs. They also just acquired a SimCapture Node system which will help them extend the reach of their training programs even further due to its flexibility and scalability.

Key takeaways
  • Maximized SimCapture Ultraportable to take simulation out of the center and to the providers
  • Recorded both simulations and debriefings for "Train the Trainer" sessions
  • Significantly extended the reach and presence of their simulation center with in-situ efforts
  • Proved that SimCapture Ultraportable can withstand the rigors of 300+ simulations annually

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