NICU Resuscitation

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The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) uses LiveCapture in the NICU to improve newborn resuscitation processes and teamwork through video capture and review.

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Multi-angle capture

HUP's dual camera angle setups are located directly above and to the right of the resuscitation stations.

Monitor Capture

The resuscitation station's patient monitor is also captured and automatically synchronized with the two camera angles.

Recording all Resuscitations

Part of HUP's immediate success was due to their diligence. All resuscitations were recorded.

Remote Debriefing

HUP's resuscitation team is able to debrief from anywhere in the hospital with proper authentication.

Rapid Feedback

HUP reported a rapid and positive feedback loop that resulted from team debriefing and session analysis.

Rapid installation

HUP's LiveCapture units were installed in a single afternoon and did not impact operations.

Neonatal resuscitation success story

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

LiveCapture was installed in the Resuscitation Bay and OR Resuscitation Bay at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). In the OR Resuscitation Bay, a shelf was added to the resuscitation cart for the LiveCapture laptop. Cameras were mounted on the IV pole, with one pointing directly at the patient and the other focusing on the pulse oximeter. The cameras were installed so that only the patient was captured on camera, and never the mother.

In the second Resuscitation Bay, the LiveCapture laptop was installed directly below the patient monitor. Recordings could be started locally or remotely with a single click using a "quick-start" recording feature built into LiveCapture. HUP's small, dual cameras were mounted to the drop ceiling support grid with simple clips and their cabling was hidden behind the drop ceiling for minimal distraction. The dust-free installation did not interrupt operations and was completed in an afternoon.

After recording every procedure and utilizing LiveCapture recordings to debrief frequently, the providers made rapid enhancements to their already excellent lead attachment processes, resuscitation timing, and team communication and structure within the first 90 days of LiveCapture use.

Key takeaways
  • Implemented multi-camera angle and patient monitor capture
  • Utilized in-situ simulations to get the team used to being recorded
  • Recorded every newborn resuscitation
  • Debriefed captured sessions as a team
  • Rapidly implemented enhancements when warranted
  • LiveCapture installation was quick and pain-free

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