Botswana Training

success story

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP) uses SimCapture Ultraportable to enhance simulation training and retention in Botswana. Dr. Peter Meany and his team are working to improve infant mortality rates through their newborn resuscitation training program. The B-Line Medical Charitable fund is a proud supporter of their work.

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Portable sim center

SimCapture Ultraportable's small form factor (20lb suitcase) allowed the team from CHoP to bring 2 full capture / debrief studios with their luggage.

Immediate Review

Botswana healthcare professionals were able to see what they were learning in real-time thanks to multi-angle, data-driven recordings available for immediate debrief.

Rapid improvement

The combination of high fidelity simulations, comprehensive capture, and immediate debriefing lead to rapid improvement in resuscitation process and technique.

Remote centralization

Thanks to SimCapture's web-based properties, CHoP was able to centralize all training sessions to their U.S.-based SimCapture server.

Remote monitoring

SimCapture's web-based properties also allowed CHoP staff in the U.S. to track progress and review the efficacy of their training programs remotely.

A model to follow

Recorded training sessions remained with the Botswana healthcare professionals allowing, them to use past training sessions as a reference point for future ones.

Improving infant mortality success story

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia & Our Charitable Fund

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's (CHoP) Dr. Peter Meany had a grant and goal to improve infant mortality rates in Botswana. His focus was on teaching proper resuscitation technique. The question was how best to leverage the time he spent there so training information was retained and leveraged.

B-Line Medical proposed providing Dr. Meany with two SimCapture Ultraportable units that he could take with him to Botswana for capture and debriefing purposes. In addition, the captured sessions would centralize back to CHoP's U.S.- based SimCapture server for remote monitoring and program efficacy analysis.

The training program was a huge success thanks to Dr. Meany's hard work, Laerdal infant simulators, and the use of SimCapture Ultraportable. Training participants quickly learned proper process, timing, depth of chest compressions, and frequency (as seen in the before and after session capture images above). To date, over 250 Botswana healthcare professionals have participated in Dr. Meany's resuscitation training program.

Key takeaways
  • CHoP was able to bring a simulation center to the field
  • Capture and immediate debriefing let to rapid improvements
  • Captured sessions were centralized to a U.S.-based server for further review
  • Sessions were retained by Botswana healthcare professionals for reference
  • Over 250 Botswana healthcare professionals have benefited from this program

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