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The Pace University College of Health Professions successfully implemented SimCapture in two Clinical Education Labs to schedule, grade, record, debrief, and track hundreds of simulations.

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Scheduling and Self Enrollment

Pace University students utilized SimCapture's integrated section scheduling and self-enrollment tools to populate a large volume of simulation and OSCE events.

Supporting Diverse Infrastructures

SimCapture's flexible video encoding options enabled Pace University to utilize several camera types for recording over 900 training events in multiple campus locations.

Multi-Campus Deployment

Pace University used their familiarity with SimCapture and its web-based properties to quickly bring their satellite campus' simulation program online.

A Turnkey Solution for Clinical Education

SimCapture's web-based suite of tools met faculty, students, standardized patients, and administrators needs whether on campus, in the library, or at home

Rapid Progress and Feedback

Pace University students debriefed and analyzed simulations in order to enhance their learning experience in a positive feedback loop.

Enterprise Level

Pace University utilized SimCapture's LDAP module to rapidly integrate the simulation management solution into their broader suite of technology tools.

Clinical Education Success Story

Pace University College of Health Professions

The Pace University College of Health Professions has been using SimCapture for over three years in two Clinical Education Labs; SimCapture has helped them record and manage thousands of simulations.

They have implemented SimCapture to make many day-to-day processes more efficient for students, faculty, and standardized patients. The main SimCapture features that enabled Pace University to streamline their Clinical Education Program include:

  • Scheduling:
    Pace University has scheduled, enrolled, and hosted students in over 1,000 simulations, 150 exam days, and 900 training events such as classes, skill sessions, seminars, and meetings.
  • Remote Access:
    Pace University utilized remote access and debriefing so that faculty could grade remotely using recorded video and data at a time convenient for them. They also allowed students to play back their sessions remotely in order to complete self evaluations. They were able to do this from on campus, in the library, or from home.
  • Self-Enrollment:
    Students were able to self-enroll when given instruction from faculty. This freed up some time for faculty and allowed them to focus on course curriculum.
  • Reporting:
    Pace University tracked and reported on various types of evaluation data in order to gauge effectiveness of their simulation program and used the results in order to make improvements to the program. They collected data such as student satisfaction with the simulation experience, faculty evaluation of student performance, standardized patient evaluation of student performance, etc.
Pace University also regularly works closely with the B-Line Medical team in order to explore new strategies to best support the Clinical Education program and to maximize their SimCapture usage.

Key takeaways
  • Maximized SimCapture's functionality to perform thousands of simulations
  • Faculty graded remotely using recorded videos
  • Students played back recorded videos for self-evaluations
  • Tracked and reported various evaluation data types
  • Worked with B-Line Medical team to implement new strategies

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