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The University of Jamestown Nursing Program in North Dakota utilizes
SimCapture in the nursing lab to live stream videos during nursing courses
and record short videos of faculty demonstrating skills for student viewing.

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Leveraging Video Infrastructure

Jamestown Nursing  recorded videos of simulations and instructor demonstrations to utilize as teaching tools; by leveraging several camera types to capture video, they were able to provide high quality videos to students.

Automate Operations

SimCapture's automation features allowed Jamestown Nursing to record more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on instructor demonstrations and student performance.

Rapid Feedback and Progress

SimCapture's debriefing capabilities allowed students to interact and analyze each other's performance to gauge progress and suggest improvements in a rapid and positive feedback loop.

Remote Peer Review

Remote debriefing options allowed Jamestown Nursing students to review each other's performance from their own devices; they could also access faculty demonstration videos at any time.

A Turnkey Solution for Nursing Programs

SimCapture responded to the needs of Jamestown Nursing's users at every level: educators, simulation staff, students, and deans and administrators.

Capturing a Range of Simulations

Jamestown Nursing utilized multi-angle capture to record and live stream and record wide-variety of team-based simulations and individual task trainer demonstrations in the nursing lab.

Nursing success story

University of Jamestown

The University of Jamestown Nursing program utilized SimCapture as a tool for student evaluations and instructor demonstrations.

They utilized the SimCapture technology to record simulations taking place in the nursing lab, and live streamed them in the classrooms. While watching the live stream of the simulations, students commented on each other's performance and were able to suggest improvements in technical and communication skills. This provided an interactive and engaging experience for the students. Remote debriefing allowed several groups of students to view the recorded videos without overcrowding around a single device.

They also utilized the SimCapture technology to record short videos of faculty demonstrating skills. They saved the recorded videos and posted them so that they were available to students at any time. Remote debriefing and access allowed students to view the instructor videos, so faculty did not have to schedule and coordinate designated demonstrations in the lab for students. As a result, instructors could dedicate more time to focus on developing curriculum and providing feedback to students.

Key takeaways
  • Live streaming helpful for faculty
  • Improved debriefing
  • Enhanced student interactions
  • Utilized SimCapture for large classes of students
  • Utilized faculty videos as a teaching tool

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