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The RBaby Foundation's Sim-Mobile simulation project is led by Yale School of Medicine. The simulations are brought directly to Pediatric and General Emergency Departments in multiple states via ambulance equipped Laerdal infant simulators and SimCapture Ultraportable and include actors in mock emergency situations. The B-Line Medical Charitable fund is a proud supporter of their work.

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Delivered by Ambulance

Simulations were delivered directly to Hospitals' EDs via ambulance complete with actors, a Laerdal infant simulator and SimCapture Ultraportable for capture, debriefing, and assessment.

Immediate Improvements

The RBaby sponsored Sim-Mobile project yielded immediate changes in some hospitals' pediatric equipment choices and drug concentrations.

Connecting a Network of Educators

Yale University participates in a broader education network called "INSPIRE". SimCapture's web-based nature allows remote viewing and assessment of simulations by other INSPIRE members.

Data-driven results

Unlike some simulation programs that focus mainly on anecdotal debriefing to track results, Yale University's training program built assessment and re-assessment into their training using SimCapture.

A Single Platform

By utilizing SimCapture for recording of both events and assessments, Yale University was able to leverage a single platform for all key aspects of program efficacy tracking.

Long-term commitment

Thanks to SimCapture's durability and B-Line Medical's commitment to robust support after purchase (in this case donation), The Sim-Mobile program is sure to benefit pediatric hospital care for years to come.

Improving pediatric care in the ED

RBaby Foundation, Yale University & Our Charitable Fund

RBaby is the first and only foundation focused on making sure every emergency room is prepared to give babies and children lifesaving care. RBaby Foundation supports numerous important patient safety initiatives through grants including Yale University's Sim-Mobile Simulation Project.

The pediatric emergency department focused simulations are delivered to hospitals via an ambulance equipped with actors, a Laerdal infant simulator, and donated SimCapture Ultraportable units. The simulations are high fidelity and focus on providing a cycle of simulation-based assessment, training, and re-assessment. Capture and assessment of these simulations are managed by SimCapture. The program has resulted in positive changes such as helping hospitals identify ineffective or incomplete systems and correct them by adding proper pediatric equipment and specific drug concentrations.

RBaby Foundation states that over 200 simulations at 30 hospitals across 8 states in the northeast have occurred to date. This successful and long-term program has already yielded five medical publications and numerous national and international presentations.

Key takeaways
  • Implemented portable simulation center on wheels
  • Captured high fidelity simulations from multiple angles for powerful debriefing
  • Data-driven with multiple assessment stages to gauge training efficacy using SimCapture
  • Program lead to significant equipment and drug concentrations changes in hospital EDs
  • Program has reached over 30 hospitals in 8 states to date

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