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The University of the Sunshine Coast School of Nursing in Australia utilizes SimCapture for immersive nursing simulation courses and is able to use SimCapture to connect with their
satellite campus.

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Remote Debrief from Anywhere

USC utilized remote debriefing across multiple campuses; debriefing and analysis resulted in enhanced development of students' clinical reasoning and competence.

Automate Operations

SimCapture's automation features allowed USC to run recordings more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on improving clinical teaching.

Rapid Feedback and Progress

The improved quality of clinical teaching using SimCapture technology was reflected in student feedback; students reported enhanced communication skills and clinical reasoning and competence.

Universal Video Support

SimCapture is the only solution that can leverage any camera type; this allowed USC to utilize several camera types in order to maximize recordings of students across multiple campuses.

Simultaneous Capture

USC records mutiple group simulations simultaneously, while connecting with a satellite campus to fully leverage every simulation event and center throughput

A Turnkey Solution for Nursing Programs

SimCapture responded to the needs of USC Nursing's users at every level: educators, simulation staff, students, and deans and administrators.

Nursing and Midwifery success story

University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The University of the Sunshine Coast School of Nursing in Australia program utilized SimCapture for immersive nursing and midwifery simulation courses.

The SimCapture technology provided valuable learning opportunities for the students and allowed them to connect with a satellite campus. They observed an increase in overall quality of clinical education reflected in student feedback. They conducted a study, the Satisfaction with Simulation Experience survey, to evaluate students' reactions and responses to simulation in two courses. The following results were reported:

  • 98% of students agreed or strongly agreed that the experience enhanced their communication skills
  • 93% felt more prepared for practice and performing nursing intervention
  • 96% thought the simulation enhanced the development of clinical reasoning
  • 90% believed the simulation experience assisted them to develop confidence and competence

Initially, some students expressed concerns about being recorded during the simulations; afterwards, many felt it was less intrusive than originally expected. Additionally, students reported feeling more prepared upon completions of the simulations than before. They noted that the simulation courses helped them put theory into practice and reduced overall fear and anxiety.

Key takeaways
  • Helped students put theory into practice
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced clinical reasoning
  • Students felt more prepared
  • Students developed confidence and competence while reducing fear and anxiety

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