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The Yale University School of Medicine successfully implemented SimCapture in their Simulation Center so that medical students, residents, and faculty are able to track and debrief simulations.

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Build and Assess Student Portfolios

Yale University was able to generate reports and statistics for individual students or entire classes, to better understand trends and utilization.

Rapid Feedback and Progress

Yale University students debriefed and analyzed simulations in order to enhance their learning experience in a positive feedback loop.

Multi-Perspective Capture

Yale University utilized multi-perspective capture in their simulation center to simultaneously track room-wide equipment use, team dynamics, and patient care.

A Turnkey Solution for Clinical Education

SimCapture responded to the needs of Yale University's users at every level: medical students, residents, and faculty members.

Live and Post Web-based Access

Yale University students and faculty utilized SimCapture's web-based properties to remotely debrief and analyze simulations both live and after the fact.

Streamlining Scheduling

Yale University utilized SimCapture's automation features to schedule, enroll, host, and track students in center simulations and trainings.

Simulation Platform Success Story

Yale University School of Medicine

The Yale University School of Medicine utilizes SimCapture in their Simulation Center; it has helped them record, debrief, and manage many simulations for all participants to access.

They have implemented SimCapture to make many day-to-day processes more efficient. Medical students, residents, and faculty members are able to view recorded trainings and simulations live or at a later time by utilizing SimCapture's remote debriefing capabilities. The recording and debriefing process has enhanced students' and residents' learning experiences in a positive feedback loop.

Yale University also utilizes several other SimCapture features for administrative purposes to help streamline and run simulations more efficiently. They use it as a tool to track hours of usage and teaching time, and are able to schedule courses, enroll students, and manage inventory.

Key takeaways
  • Maximized SimCapture's functionality to manage simulation center
  • Remote debrief allowed students to watch recorded videos for self-evaluations
  • Tracked hours of usage and teaching time
  • Utilized SimCapture to streamline administrative processes

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