Surgical Time Outs

success story

St. Louis Children's Hospital installed LiveCapture in its interventional radiology operating room to improve surgical time-out process adherence and eliminate wrong-side surgeries.

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Safety Checklists

LiveCapture comes pre-loaded with surgical and hygiene safety checklists that helped St. Louis Children's maximize safety time-outs.

Built in Control Charts

Control charts to track overall time-out adherence as well as specific elements of time-outs are automatically generated from completed checklists.

Multi-Angle Capture

Capturing surgical time-outs from various angles allowed St. Louis Children's to maximize footage for review and analysis with the goal of reducing wrong-side surgeries.

Immediate ROI

Video delivered immediate increases in process adherence, improved patient safety, and enhanced team communications for St. Louis Children's.

Secure Hospital-Wide Access

St. Louis Children's was able to stream, debrief or audit time-out adherence from anywhere in the hospital with proper authentication.

Rapid Feedback

St. Louis Children's experienced a rapid and positive feedback loop that resulted from team debriefing and time-out analysis.

Surgical Time-Outs success story

St. Louis Children's Hospital

LiveCapture was installed in the operating room at St. Louis Children's Hospital in order to enhance the implementation surgical time-outs.

Prior to installing LiveCapture, time-outs failed to reduce the number of wrong-side surgeries. Courses to teach about best practices of time-outs were mandated for surgeons and staff; however adherence to time-out protocols was only voluntary by surgeons. They did not have a resource in place to audit and review time-outs and as a result, they did not experience a positive change in patient outcomes.

LiveCapture was initially installed as a pilot in one operating room to demonstrate whether video recording and analysis was an effective method for auditing surgical time-outs. It was discovered that nursing staff had reported to physicians that time-outs were routinely and frequently done improperly, yet their reports were ignored. As a result, nursing staff were asked to be trained so that they could record time-outs.

After the initial pilot was successful in improving time-out adherence, LiveCapture was installed in all operating rooms at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The Hawthorne Effect was attributed to improved time-outs and reduction of wrong-side surgeries. In addition, improved professionalism and team communications were observed as a result of being recorded.  These results established that all time-outs should be recorded in the operating rooms going forward.

Key takeaways
  • Enhanced effectiveness of time-outs
  • Reduced wrong-side surgeries as result of time-outs
  • Improved professionalism and team communications
  • Established culture of safety
  • All time-outs recorded going forward

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