Trauma Teamwork

success story

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP) installed LiveCapture to record every procedure in their level 1 trauma bays and as a result, established a safety culture with review and analysis in a positive feedback loop.

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Rapid Feedback

CHoP experienced a rapid and positive feedback loop that helped staff strategize and improve processes to make procedures safer for patients.

Secure Hospital-Wide Access

CHoP was able to stream or debrief from anywhere in the hospital with proper authentication.

Capturing Multiple Perspectives

Capturing trauma bays from various angles and distances allowed CHoP to get a more holistic view of everything going on in the trauma center.

Patient Monitor Capture

By adding patient monitor capture, CHoP had access to as much data as possible for effective debriefing and analysis.

remote Debriefing

CHoP's trauma teams are able to debrief from anywhere in the hospital with proper authentication, expanding their potential for safer outcomes.

Immediate Team Buy-in

LiveCapture's comprehensive video capture delivered immediate team buy-in as results were in plain site and issues were easy to spot and address.

Trauma Teamwork Success Story

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

LiveCapture was installed in the Level 1 Trauma Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in order to improve processes and establish a safer culture for patients.

Prior to installing LiveCapture, CHoP had an existing video recording solution that was difficult to use. The cameras were set up at poor angles so that video capture was not maximized, audio quality was minimal, and there was no capture of patient monitors. Their process was to save recorded videos on DVDs; however it was very time consuming and required a lot of work to burn the DVDs. There was a long latency period from the time videos were recorded to when they were able to debrief took; it took weeks and this did not allow for a productive feedback loop to be established.

When LiveCapture was initially installed, CHoP was able to reuse some existing AV infrastructure and also added some additional capabilities. They increased the number of cameras used per bay, from just one camera per bay to three. They maximized multi-angle capture by doing a close-up of the patient, a mid-range view to capture the trauma team interaction, and a wide-range view to capture workflow, foot traffic, and equipment usage. They also added additional ceiling microphones to maximize audio capture and to improve the audio quality, and added patient monitor capture.

After utilizing LiveCapture to record and debrief, the staff picked up on multiple issues while reviewing recorded video that they were not able to recognize while debriefing without video. This immediately set the standard for a safety culture where they reviewed every procedure to see what needed improvement. This resulted in a positive feedback loop that helped the staff strategize and improve processes for future patients.

Key takeaways
  • Added to existing AV infrastructure to enhance recording capabilities
  • Debriefing with video and audio allowed staff to discover more issues
  • Positive feedback look that helped staff strategize and improve processes
  • Established culture of safety
  • All procedures recorded going forward

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